Customizing Displays

Refining and

Display Technology for your Industry

Customizing Displays

SemsoTec is specialized in providing customer-specific solutions to suit the environmental and interface requirements of each application:

In-house optical bonding process with black panel effect provides optimized brightness with high contrast and low energy consumption for sunlight readable applications. Reduced reflections and glare.

Customer-specific display to glass integration

Customer-specific housing designs for specific environments such as dust, condensation, strength and ATEX

Touch screens and pads

Finger print touch initiation

Additional operating controls

Functional software development interface to customer system

„We offer a complete chain of value added activities for infotainment displays and control units from prototyping to series production.”
Jochen Semmelbauer

„Our engineers are able to support all areas of your development projects including concept assistance with electronic hardware and software design, we can provide mechanical design studies for the integration of the infotainment displays into your vehicles and machines.”
Juergen Haensler

„Our activities are focused on innovative technologies which are used to provide inspiring market driven solutions according to the wishes of our customers.”
Bruce Dudley


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